Though we often use simple terms for collections of beings - a flock of birds, a school of fish - collections of many animals have a distinct name.  You might encounter a congregation of alligators, an intrusion of cockroaches, or a charm of finches.  Our cousins, the crows, form a murder.  Among the names for a group of raven - unkindness, storytelling - the term "conspiracy" seems the most entertaining and suitable.  You are invited to join the conspiracy that will unfold here.

My first name is Anglicized Gaelic for "young raven."  If the Gaels ever encountered middle-aged ravens, any name that they had for them has been lost.

As a bird, the raven is Family Corvidae, Genus Corvus, Species Corvus corax, the larger cousin of the crow.  It is intelligent, clever, and adaptable.

As a source of myth, the raven is a messenger from the Void, the realm of things not yet created (some Native American tales); the incarnation of Thought and Memory (Norse); the incarnation of the Celtic war goddess; and the first animal released from Noah's ark.  The stories are rich and deep and the raven lives in the borders between darkness and light.

If you join this conspiracy, I will safeguard your honor as you will mine.  We live in an era without shame, and thus without honor, when any public disclosure or fabricated allegation can be screamed across the Internet without consequence.  There will be no such nonsense here.

I am a professional on LinkedIn, a source of data on Google +, a channel on Youtube, and an Examiner, on the site of that name, in the areas of relationships and conflict resolution; environmental issues and ethanol beverages; and disaster preparation.  This blog will consolidate those online presences and provide a space for what does not fit into them.


  1. Corvus Corax is also the name of a Neo-Medieval German band....


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